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I want to share with you my passion for the Greek New Testament.  I have taken some bold steps to reveal to you its depth and richness, along with varying approaches to words, phrases and verses -- so that you, the reader, will have a greater participation in understanding our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the Greek Scriptures.
These studies and writings are interpretations considering the contexts, figures of speech, symbols, types of literature and cultural factors. I use Scripture to interpret Scripture, looking at the patterns of God's dealings as set forth in the Hebrew Bible.  Searching out the literal meaning of Greek words and endeavoring to minimize doctrinal bias, I depend upon the unveilings from His Spirit.  May this bless you in your search into the things of the Father, and to more authentically know the Truth, Who is our Life.
-- Jonathan Mitchell

The published Jonathan Mitchell New Testament Commentaries in PDF!
Just Paul Peter, Paul & Jacob John Judah Paul & ? Peter's Encore & Later Paul
Containing Comments On Romans Containing First Peter, Philippians, Colossians, First and Second Thessalonians, First and Second Timothy, Titus and Jacob (James) Containing First, Second, Third John, Judah (Jude), Hebrews and Galations Containing Second Peter & Ephesians
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Volume One
See the New Testament Translations
Why Did Christ Have To Die?

A Fresh Look at Hebrews Chapter Six

A Concise Commentary On 1 Corinthians 15:35-57

Who Or What Is Israel?

Birthed Out Of God

Bless And Curse Not

Is Mercy the Same As Justification?

How Do We Behold Him?
His Parental Care

Mercy Upon All

The Agents of Hebrews One and Two

Who Really is Lucifer - Satan or Adam?

The Lesson from the Parable of the Tares

The Mediator

Out Of The Second

The Fire of God - A Force for Change

Volume Two
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God Strikes and Then Heals

Understanding Righteousness *NEW*

Unveiled Sons - Destined to Set Creation Free

Which Heaven?

Cast Out The Slave-Girl

Jacob’s Ladder of Unveiling

The Spirit of Being

Difference Between Born Again and Saved
The Temple Of God

Wedding Garment

What Do The Birds Represent?

Few Are Chosen

God's Garden

Not Under Law - Grace

On Darkness

The God Of This Age

Volume Three
See the New Testament Translations
The Apostasy

The Faith Of Christ

What Is The Form Of A Servant?

The Parables Of Jesus Series

A New Heavens and a New Earth


Who Are The Sheep?

On Ephesians 2:2

Some Comments On Colossians 3:1-4

Can You Drink The Cup?

Jacob Loved/Esau Hated

Coming Versus Present

On Impartation and Prayer

Thoughts On 1 John 1:6-10

Aaron's Rod & Pot Of Manna Missing

Thoughts On 1 John 2 Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Volume Four
See the New Testament Translations
The Apostasy

Deity's Determined Differentiation

Location Of The Lake Of Fire

The Meaning of the Term "Devil"

Willful Rebel versus Force of Love

Go Outside the Camp..bearing..

Of Which of Them Does the Woman Become a Wife?

Does Satan Have A Kingdom?

Love, And Our Expectations For It

What Do You Mean, "Repent?"

Did Jesus Need To Repent?

What Should We Expect Of Kingdom Life Here And Now?

What Was The Joy That Was Before Him?


On The Sheep And The Goats

The Message Of Jonah

Volume Five
See the New Testament Translations
Present But Unseen


What Happens to a Person Who Dies an Unbeliever?

Just What are Demons?

In Which Covenant Are You?

On 2 Peter 1:4-7

On 1 Cor 15:22

On Worship

Messages in the book of Ruth

Should Christians Keep The Law?

Where Are You Now?

Admonitions From Ephesians 4

Paul's Laundry List of Vices

What is the Time-frame of Acts 3:21?

Who Are the Sons that are Destined to Set Creation Free, and When Are the Sons Unveiled?

Volume Six
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An Observation on Rev. 14:12

More Observations from Rev. 14:12

Born From Water And Spirit

Conclusion of Peter's First Proclamation

What Did Paul Mean By "Anathema"?

Where Jesus Gave Warnings Of Judgment

Did Judas Commit Suicide?

Everybody Died
Psalm 23 (LXX)

What Is "The Rapture"?

On Creation

Did David Speak the Truth?

Thoughts on Psalm 1

The Seven Shallow Bowls

The Unpardonable Sin?

The Rider on the White Horse

Volume Seven
See the New Testament Translations
Decisions at the Great White Throne

You Will Love God

Psalm 45 (44, LXX)

Psalm 17 (LXX [16]

Did God Increase Pain of Child-birth?

Depart From Me!

Buy A Sword

What are the Evil and the "devil" in the New Testament?

Responding To Someone Who Makes A Mistake

Judging Or Correcting Another Person

Inclusive and the Particular in 1 John

The Inclusion In The Gospel Of John

The Sending and Return of the 70

Some Significant Verses in Acts

The "Our Father"

Was Humanity Ever Indebted to God?

See the New Testament Translations
Commentary On James

Commentary on 1 Thessalonians

Commentary On 2 Thessalonians

Commentary On Colossians

Commentary On Titus

Commentary On Philippians

Commentary On 1 Timothy

Commentary On 2 Timothy
Commentary On 1 Peter

Commentary on 1 John

Comments on 2 Peter Chap. 3

Comments on John 16:1-11

Comments On Ephesians

Revelation Series
See the New Testament Translations
Revelation - Chapter One
Revelation - Chapter Two
Revelation - Chapter Three
Revelation - Chapter Four
Revelation - Chapter Five
Revelation - Chapter Six
Revelation - Chapter Seven
Revelation - Chapter Eight
Revelation - Chapter Nine
Revelation - Chapter Ten & Eleven
Revelation - Chapter Twelve
Revelation - Chapter Thirteen
Revelation - Chapter Fourteen
Revelation - Chapter Fifteen
Revelation - Chapter Sixteen
Revelation - Chapter Seventeen
Revelation - Chapter Eighteen
Revelation - Chapter Nineteen
Revelation - Chapter Twenty
Revelation - Chapter Twenty One
Revelation - Chapter Twenty Two

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