Psalm 17 (LXX [16]
By Jonathan Mitchell

David's Thoughts (or: Prayer) Toward Having Goodness, Ease and Well-being (Words from [other MSS: by] David that impart goodness, ease and well-being)

1. O LORD [= Yahweh], listen unto my rightwised path of justice (or: Fully hear, O LORD of my eschatological deliverance; Listen and attend unto me, O LORD, concerning the way pointed out, of fair relationships and equity in the covenant; O LORD, [You] who are my eschatological deliverance, listen and pay attention to me; Hear more from my covenant path of rightness which [You] pointed out)! Hold [Your] attention toward the petition from my need; give ear to my thought and word toward having goodness, ease and well-being (or: prayer) [that is] not in union with deceitful lips (or: not centered in treacherous lips).

2. The effect of the decision concerning me (or: The result, which is my evaluation) could come forth from Your presence (or: May my judgment come forth from the midst of Your face); let my eyes see acts of straightness, uprightness and equity.

3. You assay (test, so as to find proof concerning) my heart (the core of me); You visit and watch over, to inspect and to guard, by night; You burn and purge me (or: set me on Fire), and thus, injustice (lack of right; absence of what has been pointed-to) is not found within me - so that my mouth would not speak of or babble about the works of the people (the actions from humans; the deeds pertaining to the peoples).

4. Because of the Words of (or: Through the thoughts, ideas and laid-out expressions from) Your lips, I, myself keep charge of, preserve and maintain (guard and keep watch over) difficult paths and hard ways.

5. Commensurately prepare, fit well together, thoroughly adjust, direct in accord, correspondingly make ready (as for giving birth) and completely unite for ripeness (or: Bring down supplies to fully restore and establish) the effects of my steps and results of my staircase - in union with your paths (centered in your tracks), to the end that the effects of my steps may not be shaken or caused to slip, and the results of my staircase cannot be rocked and would not be caused to totter or tremble.

6. I, myself, cry out - because you hear me and listen to me, O God! While continuously inclining Your ear to me, listen unto and fully hear the effects of the flows from me (the results from the gush of my sayings and the fluctuations of my thoughts).

7. Make wonderful (or: Show the marvels of) Your mercies and compassions, O [You who are] constantly rescuing and delivering (repeatedly saving; habitually healing making whole; continually keeping safe) the folks that keep on placing their expectation upon You, [delivering them] from out of the midst of the people who took a stand against You, and now stand opposite and opposed - at Your right hand.

8. Keep charge of, preserve and maintain (guard and keep watch over) me, O Lord [= Yahweh], as a pupil of an eye (or: an apple, with reference to [one's] eye). You will constantly screen, cover, hide and shelter me in, with and by the covering shelter and screening covert protection of, and from, Your wings,

9. from [the] face and presence of impious folks (those without awe) - the ones distressing me and causing me misery. My enemies (Those hostile to me) encompass (have a circle around; for a siege surround) my soul;

10. their hard fat (= excess of supplies and gear?) they shut up so as to confine (as in besieging a city); their mouth speaks arrogance (despising and overly prideful magnificence).

11. Upon casting me out, they now (at this present time) surround (encircle; come round about) me; they continued setting their eyes to bend outwards, out of the regular line, to incline in the soil (for union with the earth; centered in the ground).

12. They seized underneath me and took up a notion (or: supposition) concerning what was said, so as to make a reply, like a lion, ready and prepared, into the midst of a snare for a prey - and like a whelp (or: cub), normally dwelling in concealed hiding places.

13. Stand up (Arise), O LORD [= Yahweh]! Anticipate them to prevent them (Arrive first and be there before them; Extend in front of them) and then trip them up; drag my soul out of danger; away from an impious one [with; by] Your sword;

14. away from folks hostile to (or: enemies of) Your hand - O LORD [= Yahweh], away from little things and small people, away from soil (land; earth; [the] territory). Thoroughly divide and distribute them within the midst of their life. Though their belly is filled from (or: with) Your things having been concealed, and still remaining hidden, they feed to fattened satisfaction from sons (or: with sons) [other MSS: with pigs], and so they let flow off the rest of the things (the remnants) to their infants.

15. But as for me, in the presence of Your face I shall continually appear and be habitually seen within the midst of a rightwised path of justice [derived] from the eschatological deliverance concerning the way pointed out: of fair relationships and equity in covenant membership and participation. I will continue feeding, and be progressively satisfied in union with, and centered within the midst of, the [situation for] Your Glory (the manifestation which calls forth praise and with a good reputation; the appearance of Your imagination) to appear in and to me (to be seen by me; to see with me and for me) [other MSS omit: me; thus: in the appearance (perceptibility) of Your magnificence and esteemed repute].

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