Psalm 45 (44, LXX)
By Jonathan Mitchell

Unto (With a view to; Into the midst of) the goal (purposed aim of the finished product; completion; end; destiny), concerning the people and over the things [that] will be progressively altered and changed: to, for, by and among the sons of Core, unto (with a view to) a flowing together for understanding. A song (or: ode) over and concerning the one that is loved and unconditionally accepted, from an urge for reunion.

1. My heart searches out of (investigates from the midst of; scrutinizes forth from) itself a good, virtuous and beneficial idea (thought; laid-out matter; theme; word): I, myself, proceed in laying out and continue declaring my works and actions to, and for, the king; my tongue [is] a reed pen of a swift-writing scribe.

2. Grace with joy-producing favor [that is] youthful, well-formed, proper and seasonable, in and with fine, ideal beauty - at the side of, and in contrast to, the sons of the People (or: the humans) - was held forth (made to project from; made prominent so as to stand out) on your lips. Because of this, God spoke goodness, ease and well-being to (or: blessed) you, on into the midst of the Age [of Messiah].

3. Proceed in girding your sword upon your thigh, O able and powerful one, in (or: with) your well-formed, proper youthfulness and in (or: with) your fine and ideal beauty.

4. Next stretch tight and bend [the bow] and continue greatly prospering and reigning (exercising sovereign influence); on account of truth (or: reality), mild gentleness (or: humble meekness) and eschatological deliverance into the Way pointed out, in rightwised relationships of justice, and then your right hand will continue leading and guiding you wonderfully, on your journey.

5. O able and powerful one, your arrows (darts; missiles) are sharpened [and are] in the heart of the kings' enemies (hostile ones); peoples shall one-after-another (or: progressively) fall down under you.

6. God [is] your throne (or: Your throne, O God [is]) on into the midst of an indefinite time of the Age [of Messiah]. A staff of upright straightness and equity [is] the staff of your rule and reign (sovereign influence and activity).

7. You love (accept and drive for union with) eschatological deliverance in the Way pointed out, with rightwised, just relationships, and you hate lawlessness. Because of this, God, your God anoints you with olive oil of great joy and exultation, at the side of, and in contrast to, your partners and companion participants.

8. [Fragrances of] myrrh and balsam (or: stacte; myrrh oil) and cassia [waft] from your clothes [and] from [the] large house (tower; palace; stronghold) of ivory-

9. out of which, in honor of you, daughters of kings put you in a good and healthy frame of mind and disposition. The queen stood by, at your right hand, in clothes interwoven with gold, arrayed in many-colored embroidery.

10. Hear (Listen) and pay attention, O daughter, and see, then incline your ear. So forget your people, and your father's house,

11. because the king strongly desires your fine and ideal beauty; because He is your master, owner and lord.

12. Also, daughters of Tyre will habitually do obeisance and show respect to (or: for) him, in the midst of gifts; the rich of the people of the land (region; territory) will constantly entreat your face (= implore your favor).

13. With regard to a daughter of the king, all her glory and reputation (manifestation which calls forth praise; imagination) [is] within, [though] arrayed in gold fringe and tassels [and] embroidered with many colors.

14. Virgins, behind her [in her train], will constantly be carried off (brought away) to (or: by; with; for) the king; her near neighbors (companions) will continue being carried off (brought away) to, for, with or by you.

15. They will continue being carried off (brought away) in a good and healthy frame of mind and gladness (rejoicing exultation); they will be repeatedly led into a king's inner temple (sanctuary; shrine; deity home).

16. In place of (Instead of) your fathers, sons were born by, to and for you [other MSS: your sons were birthed into existence]; you will one-after-another establish them as rulers upon all the territory (region; land; earth).

17. They [other MSS: I] will remember and make mention of your name within every generation, and then generation (= from generation to generation). Because of this, peoples will continue speaking the same words from you, and will keep on fully confessing to you, while repeatedly giving acknowledgement and gratitude for you, on into the Age, even into the midst of the Age of (or: which is) the Age [of Messiah]."

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