Psalm 23 (LXX)
By Jonathan Mitchell

1. [The] LORD (= Yahweh) continually shepherds (habitually cares for and tends, repeatedly leads to pasture and constantly protects) me [as a part of the flock], and He will continue causing me to lack nothing (or: so, by habit, in not even one thing will He fail me, or come too late [for; to] me; or: and thus will He keep on causing me not to be in need of even one thing).

2. Into a place of [the] tender shoot (or: Into the midst of a verdant place), there (in that place) He encamped me (or: causes me to settle down in a tent); upon water of rest (or: at restful water; on a water of ceasing) He nourishes and rears me.

3. He turned my soul around (or: He turns upon my whole being; He restored my self-life; He turned-about my inner being): He leads and guides me upon the well-worn Path of the Way pointed out, in righted covenant-participation, because of and for the sake of His Name.

4. For you see, even if I may (or: should; would; could) be caused to journey (travel; pass from place to place) within the midst of a shadow of death (or: death's shadow; a shadow, from death), I will continue not being caused to fear bad [times] (will not be repeatedly frightened by worthless [situations or people]; will not be habitually afraid of misfortunes, harmful [experiences] or base [schemes]), because You are, and continue being, with me: Your rod and your staff - these, from a call to be at my side, give me aid and impart relief, encouragement and comfort (these are paracletes to help me).

5. You prepare a table (= spread a meal) before me right opposite the folks habitually afflicting me (or: You make ready my table, in my sight, from within the midst of the people constantly bringing pressure against me and rubbing me the wrong way); You anoint (or: fatten) my head in (or: with) olive oil, and Your cup is progressively (or: continuously; repeatedly) intoxicating - as the best (as the most excellent, or strongest, [wine]).

6. And thus, Your mercy and compassion will in itself continue eagerly pursuing in order to track me down - all the days of my life, and [this is for] the [situation; occasion] for me to continuously settle down and dwell within (or: to be habitually residing centered in) [the] Lord's [= Yahweh's] house on into a long duration of days.


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