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About Scott Paris

–– Part 1
---- Part 2

The Inner Kingdom

The Lord Of Hosts, A Crown Of Glory

Holy Of Holies

God's Sovereign Purpose

Unto Full Age Part #2 Lucifer / Adam ?
Lucifer / Adam ? Pt #2
Lucifer / Adam ? Pt #3
Whosoever Sins Ye Remit, They are Remitted Part #1 Our Elder Brother and Vast Family Of Sons Part #2
Hell Is Not Endless ! How Long Is Forever ?
Armageddon The Day Of the Vengeance Of Our God
Part #1
The Day Of the Vengeance Of Our God
Part #2

The Day Of the Vengeance Of Our God
Part #3

The Day Of the Vengeance Of Our God
Part #4

Perfection Flows From Relationship In Jesus
Elementaries Of "HELL" In Scripture
The Hidden Mystery Of Paul's Gospel
Communion With The Inner Christ
Communion With The Inner Christ Part 2
Interesting Facts About The Bible
The Second Death The Branch Of The Lord Part 1
The Branch Of The Lord Part 2
God's Great New Day Has Dawned Within Us Most Prophetical Generation
Is The Divine Potter's Will Sovereign? InChristed Men
Our Spiritual Person Is Eternal In The Heavens
Our Father's Magnificent Obsession 1 Our Father's Magnificent Obsession 2
Our Father's Magnificent Obsession 3 God, Manifest In The Flesh
The Book Of The Generation Of Jesus Christ Hidden Mystery In Paul's Gospel
The Lords Christ
The Day Of The Lord Part #1 The Day of the Lord Part #2
Our Father Sovereign And Supreme The Lord and His Christ
Paul is to the Church,
What Moses was to Israel
It Is Your Father's Good Pleasure
God's Sovereignty Guarantee's,
The Final Triumph Over Evil
One is your teacher, Christ
I go to the Father Christ in You/You in Christ
No Longer Christ After The Flesh
We Are Righteous And Holy In Christ
Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge
Accepted And Secure In Christ
The Parousia Part One
The Parousia Part Two
Unsearchable Riches Of Christ
Saviors Arising On Mount Zion
Godís Superabundance of Grace


Scott Paris grew up on a 70-acre farm in Muskogee County, Oklahoma. His mother was a Cherokee Indian. Scott is a card-carrying Indian also, and has registered all of his offspring as Cherokee Indians, too. Mr. Paris, Sr. was Irish, Dutch and Indian. He was a farmer, and a dedicated believer in Christ. Scott had one sister, who passed away in 1994, and another is a business woman in Hanford, Ca, and she is a firm believer in Jesus.
Scott met Louise Corradini in a home prayer meeting. At first, they didn't like each other, in God's appointed time, four years later, they became interested in one another. This progressed to the point of marriage, and they suddenly wed in Las Vegas, on November 6, 1974. Scott and Louise were eventually blessed with a son and two daughters.
Our desire is to see the earth ablaze with the Gospel of the Reconciliation of all mankind.

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