The Branch of the Lord #3


"Thus says the Lord of hosts, Behold the man whose name is the BRANCH; he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the Lord: even he shall build the temple of the Lord; and he shall sit and rule upon his throne ( a king ); and he shall be a priest upon his throne ( king and priest ): and the counsel of peace shall be between them both." Zech. 6:12, 13.

The new day dimension of our Father’s kingdom is ushering in a new breed of Christ’s members of a whole neo-spiritual order patterned after the firstborn Son, Jesus the Lord. This is a new creation in Christ Jesus, old things (flesh mind) has passed away, all things have become new, in them.

This corporate man whose name is the Branch ( many membered), is not guided by the five senses. These many members of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12 ) receive their guidance from Christ ( Holy Spirit anointing). Didn’t Jesus say, "When the Holy Spirit is come He will guide you into all truth?" So our guidance does not come from laws written on stones, or paper, but Father’s laws are spoken and written in our heart and mind. Not two thousand or three thousand years ago, but now. Trying to follow the concepts and commandments written in the bible without the Holy Spirit guidance is eating from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil," instead of the tree of life.

We quote here from a saint of another day, Andrew Murray: "Every Branch That Bears Fruit, He Cleanses It, That It May Bear More Fruit." Jn. 15:2.

"There are two remarkable things about the vine. There is not a plant of which the fruit has so much spirit in it, of which spirit can be so abundantly distilled--as the vine. And there is not a plant which so soon runs into wild wood, that hinders its fruit, and therefore needs the most merciless pruning. I look out my window here on large vineyards: the chief care of the vine-dresser is pruning. You may have a trellis vine rooting so deep in good soil that it needs neither digging, nor manuring, nor watering: but pruning it cannot be dispensed with, if it is to bear good fruit. Some trees need occasional pruning; others bear perfect fruit without any; but the vine must have it. And so our Lord tells us, here at the very outset of the parable, that the one work of the Father does to the branch that bears fruit is: He cleanses it, that it may bear more fruit.

Consider a moment what pruning or cleansing is. It is not the removal of weeds or thorns, or anything from without that may hinder the growth. No, it is the cutting off of the long shoots of the previous year, the removal of something that comes from within, that has been produced by the vine itself. It is the removal of something that is a proof of the vigor of its life; the more vigorous the growth has been, the greater the need for the pruning. It is the honest, healthy wood of the vine that has to be cut away. And why? Because it would consume too much of the sap to fill all the long shoots of last year’s growth: the sap must be saved up and used for fruit alone. The branches, sometimes eight and ten feet long, are cut down close to the stem, and nothing is left but just one or two inches of wood, enough to bear grapes. It is when everything that is not needful for fruit-bearing has been relentlessly cut down, and just as little of the branches as possible have been left, that full, rich fruit may be expected.

What a solemn, precious lesson! It is not to sin only that the cleansing of the Husbandman here refers. It is to our own religious activity, as it is developed in the very act of bearing fruit. It is this that must be cut down and cleansed away. In working for God, we use our natural gifts of wisdom, or eloquence, or influence, or zeal. And yet they are ever in danger of being unduly developed, and then trusted in. And so, after each season of work, God has to bring us to the end of ourselves, to the consciousness of the helplessness and the danger of all that is of man, to feel that we are nothing. All that is to be left of us is just enough to receive the power of the life-giving sap of the Holy Spirit. What is of man must be reduced to its very lowest measure. All that is inconsistent with the most entire devotion to Christ’s service must be removed. The more perfect the cleansing and cutting away of all that is of self, the less of the surface over which the Holy Spirit is to be spread, so much the more intense can be the concentration of our whole being, to be entirely at the disposal of the Spirit. This is the true circumcision of the heart, the circumcision of Christ. This is the true crucifixion with Christ, bearing about the dying of the Lord Jesus in the body.

Blessed cleansing, God’s own cleansing! How we may rejoice in the assurance that shall bring forth more fruit." Unquote.

Jesus said, "I Am the True Vine and my Father is the Vine-Dresser. And every Branch in me not bearing Fruit, He prunes it, that it may bear More Fruit.

You are already clean through the word which I have spoken to you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the Branch cannot bear fruit of itself, if it abides not in the Vine, so neither can you, unless you abide in me.

I am the Vine, you are the Branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he bears much Fruit; Because severed from me you can do nothing." Jn.15:1-5.

"Without me you can do nothing." Praise the Lord, He is our Head, and the Head controls the body. If we are controlled by our Head, we will portray what He is. Everyone portrays what their head is. Christendom’s image of the Father and son is a marred image. All having a marred image of God will also portray that marred image. It is impossible for you to remain an ordinary christian that has God figured out to the letter. You’re being raptured now quite rapidly indeed as you meet Him at His presence. The very life and glory of His kingdom is being put into the lives of men and women.

Christ Jesus is our True Bread, He is our best Wine. Eat of Him freely, drink of His Spirit long. He desires an intimate relationship, He desires that you have a personal communion with Him in His most intimate chambers. He suddenly comes to His temple ( your center ). Oh, the Fire that He is, burns. All is burned out of your consciousness that is not Him. Unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise ( within you ), with healing in His Sunbeams. Every bruise, every pain is healed under the radiation of His resurrection particles. This liberating process is a barrier to everything that is mortal and corruptible. The fluorescence of His Sunshine drives evil forces that would latch onto your thinking to the nucleus of its origin for complete elimination.

You rule and reign with Christ in His great kingdom. Rev. 5: 10. God doesn’t rule by remote control, He is Head of His kingdom, on His property ruling it. He is not away somewhere, with servants ruling for Him. Though you are an under-ruler in your part that he has allotted you. The Lord’s promised grace will enlighten us to abundantly receive all that the Christ is. Our King is enthusiastically extravagant with His love. "Love Never Fails."

Many christians live an aimless life in a non-spiritual environment. Believers should be congested with spiritual electricity. We have an inbuilt spiritual electrical power plant within us. That is the Christ within. Col. 1: 26, 27. The Father does not want us to reach into the distant past of revelation. Paul said, "For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it but by the revelation of Jesus Christ"...Gal. 1:13 .

We must hear the Father for ourselves, and be conscious of present truth. Many teach truth, but does it have life? Many things may be taught that is true, but without life. The "tree of knowledge" has two sides; "good, and evil." Are they ministering Christ as "Head,"or something that is in reality the "knowledge of good and evil?" Jesus said, "You shall know them by their fruit."

The truth that the Righteous Branch (figurative language) is given from God is not in the minds but in the hearts. Father’s family must stop eating from the Tree of Knowledge and eat only of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. Unless there is a ceasing and desisting from eating of the Good and Evil Tree there can be no full maturing into sonship.

Many vital truths were restored to the "Come Out" ecclesia 30 and 40 years ago, which were needy, but the lamentable, even shocking measures they were carried to actually brought disorientation, over reaction and stagnation, plus a famine for hearing, of much spirit and truth. The New Covenant is not just a system of principles and truths. It teaches of a living, on-going relationship with the Father of spirits. Any principle or truth taught and embraced before that relationship rooted and established in the Tree of Knowledge, no matter what the accuracy of the truth is. The final fruit of that tree is death. To receive teachings from a non-spiritual environment can bring on one unrepairable damage. "To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." Religion, based upon mans independent self-effort and doing is eating of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, and is Christ-less. It is cross-less religion, and is death.

Beloved, we are not attempting to pattern after past revivals. This goes beyond Pentecost and the charismatic revival. We have come into yet newer revelation. Rev. 21:5, 1 Cor. 2:9, 10, 11 Cor. 3: 9, Eph. 1: 10 , 11, 2: 7, Rom. 8: 17 , 19, 21. We are realizing that there is a spiritual yet seemingly invisible coming of Jesus. 1 Tim. 1:17 , 11 Cor. 5:2, John 14: 23 , 16: 25 . You do not have to eat special food to please God, as of old time, but you may have to eat it to please your physical body, and keep it well maintained. 1 Tim. 4:4, Col. 2:16.

As Christ arises within you, there is a corresponding growth unto maturity in God. The many membered body of Christ is to "grow up as calves of the stall," being nurtured and strengthened in His might personally by the Master. We have the life of our heavenly Father in our spirit. We now live by His life in our spirit and walk according to the Spirit. By this life of our spirit we automatically fulfill the highest law of the kingdom of our Father . The highest law is love. He is in us as our life. Doctrine without love is the blight of christendom’s heart, it withholds the Sun of Righteousness from arising with total healing for them, in His Sun beams of light.

Being "one spirit with the Lord" we express what we are. If one is under the law of bondage, sin and death, he will express bondage, sin and death. We are the habitation of God through the Spirit, and are from the heart a wellspring of life. And everywhere we go, we carry rest and peace, joy and gladness. We are conscious of the love and compassion of Christ Jesus for us, and the same spirit flows out from us, His Branch.

"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." Ps. 127:1. Paul tells us, "We are laborers together with God: you are God’s husbandry (farm--field), you are God’s building." 1 Cor. 3:9.

We see by the Spirit of truth that the temple (which you are) is in heaven. Rev.11:19, 15:5, 6, Eph. 2:6. And you are the corporate expression of Christ, and through you the Lord is breathing new life into the hungry. You will shout with gladness for the brethren as they arise from the traditional dust of past generations. Ultimately all things shall be transformed, making the present look archaic and useless. This day is not just for the kings and priests, but for the world, as nations arise into the mighty embrace of the Father and Son.

Believers must put on the new day garments of present truth. You can not just talk about Jesus, but must present Him on a higher dimension to the living, the dead, the lame, the halt, the blind and the deaf. Giving them life, health, peace and joy with wholeness. Truth transforms men to a higher order, while grinding at the denominational mill blinds, holding them in prison cells of sectarianism.

The prophet Joel spoke a grim indictment against the old wine drinkers of sectarianism! "Awake, you drunkards, and weep; and howl, all you drinkers of wine, for the new wine, for it has been cut off from your mouth." Joel 1:5.

Those hooked on the old will not trust those hearing afresh from the magnificent God. The spirit of the Lord’s day is the Spirit of resurrection, quickening us into transfiguration, which is perpetual Sabbath rest. Old wine skins are already rejecting this New Wine before it is tested calling it false doctrine. His word which we speak knows no confining barriers. The Lord and His word are one. All heavenly beings are now clothed in the righteousness of the King of kings.

Church attendance will never satisfy you once you have been bathed in the glory of the Sonshine of this day of the Lord. Here the ministry of the body has preeminence over the one man ministry called, Nicolaitanism by Jesus. Rev. 2:6, 15.

If you are an heir of God, have you claimed your inheritance? Your inheritance is the illuminate Father, He dwells in you, so what can be lacking? Praise our Father, your spirit ascends the heavenlies on the wings of praise.

The Lord declared while He walked the earth in the man Moses, that man shall appear before Him on three dimensions. Deut. 16: 16. Each succeeding feast of Israel is a higher order for mans progression in God’s economy. And the ramifications of it are many. Multitudes are coming up to Jerusalem (heavenly) to partake of the third feast today. The membered man whose name is the Branch, whose Head is Christ, is come into a new day, and a new way in the Spirit. We haven’t passed this way before. The first two realms are free (Passover and Pentecost), the third one will cost you everything, even your life.

Before embarking on this new frontier the Father showed us that we would be grossly misunderstood by good brethren who would cling with clenched fists to their interpretation of the bible. Now we understand there are many biblical exegetes of yesteryear who will not change one jot or tittle till all come to pass. And beloved, there are many "bushwhackers" who love to stand behind the pulpit and throw "fiery darts." But the true priesthood of the Father are under the "Royal law of love." James 2:8. "Love works no ill to his neighbor." Rom. 13:14 .

Our feet don’t have to leave the earth for us to be caught up to the throne of god to reign with Christ, for it is in spirit. Eph.2:6, Rev. 5:10, 20: 4, Dan. 7:13, 14. Today Christ is appearing in us spiritually glorified to impart power and energy. He is infusing giant strength to "saviors on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau," and to transform the universe for kingdom glory. Obadiah 19, 21.

We are partakers here and now of the riches Jesus has wrought for us in redemption. So if your spirit is tired of living in poverty, His spiritual wealth superabounds. "We have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace; He hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence; making known to us the mystery of His will." Eph. 1: 7-9. If you are weary of the barrenness of trying to work for Jesus, and please Him, trying and failing again, and again. Stop, cease, abnegate such futility! The Father would reprogram such vanity of mind. First he would charge you with the life of His Spirit, to where you are bursting forth with rivers of living waters of life. Even flowing out to a lost and dying world, being healing for the nations. He would have you be a partaker of His divine fulness, to let Him work through you.

We live in Jesus, renouncing our own life, having found in Him a new life. We have a glorious prerogative originating from our one-ness with the Lord who wrought victory over hell, death and the grave. "We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." We are "partakers of Christ", having His invincible, blood bought claim, we were born anew of the Seed of the Father, and are now partakers of Christ. "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation, old things has passed away, behold all things are become new."

Our Father communicates to us the pure life of His divine Godhead. "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which lives and abides forever." 1 Pet. 1:23.

We have a vital union with Jesus through the power of His ascension life. We must have Christ within before we can share Him with others. The Father calls us to minister what we are and not what we know. The new birth, being born into Christ places you in the position "above principalities and powers, might and dominion," above all creation.

Many of god’s people have not gotten away from the Mosaic law, and types and shadows, and from earthly sanctuaries. How can people at this point in time make believe that certain races or geographical areas are the kingdom of God ? We have long passed from that dispensation. The Lord Jesus Himself, of the seed of Abraham in the natural, the root and offspring of David, the bright and morning star said, "The kingdom of God comes not with observation, neither shall you say, lo here are there for the kingdom of God is within you." Lk. 17:20, 21. You may have an overly respect for natural blood lines if you want, but it is true, we have lived in the end of the Gentile age, whose end is truly the end of mans rule and the beginning of God’s intervention.

We are in a new day which far exceeds God speaking to a single nation, race or prophet. Jesus said, "It is written in the prophets, And they shall all be taught of God..." Jn. 6:45. Therefore you may hear me verbally, but God speaks to your inner man without sound.

Father is expressing Himself by His Son in the corporate body, "the Branch of His planting," through which He is immeasurably increasing Himself. He is declaring the name of the Father unto His brethren in the midst of the church. Heb. 2:12. He is bringing many sons to glory.

Through the centuries there have been many truths come through certain groups, and many believers knew it not. And again those truths were terminated by the Lord, and many believers did not know that either. There are past truths crawling around corpses in religious graveyards, that believers think are so dear they can not bear let them go.

The new spirit of revelation will never let the rich man or pauper stand with their lips silent. The proclamation of new truth gives those who receive it new freedom in Christ Jesus. One example is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are saints that tremble and others that surge and throb with joy at the birthing of each new age and the truth it brings.

Peter said, "I will not be negligent to put you always in remberance of these things, and be established in the present truth."

A present truth for the "kings and priests" of the kingdom today is, YOUR PRESENT INHERITANCE IN THE FATHER. Paul said, "We are heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ." This is in the present as well as future. Most are waiting to get to heaven to receive their inheritance. It is for you now.

The Lord is beginning to sound the "seventh trumpet" to those with songs of His present coming and presence. For this is the Feast of Tabernacles, the feast of Ingathering when He gathers all nations to Himself. As your revelations are His illumination, He will set your feet ablaze of His consuming fire. The Lord will not set the golden trumpet of redemption to the lips of men who are inclined to resignation and submission to tradition of the elders. Speaking of songs, when faith comes singing into your heart, other guests you have entertained will take their flight. Grief, fear and gloom will take their flight from your heart.

It is the Father’s "eternal purpose"that in the "fulness of times" His body enter a "begotten Son" relationship. Even enjoying and sharing divine uncreated life of the Father. Being "heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ," sharing His image and likeness, character and even His life, mind, Spirit and nature. When one comes to know the true God, he is gifted to discern truth from error. That means you recognize error that is flagrantly opposed to the truth, but taught in the name of truth. The Truth Himself prayed in the real Lord’s prayer: "sanctify them ( all who believe into Him) through thy truth...and for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth." Jn. 17:19.

He took you in Himself and became you. Since they are myself, I do sanctify them as myself. I sanctified you when I sanctified myself. In myself I did sanctify you as myself. I took you in myself and myself became you. I contain a multitude in myself and we are ONE. I contain a multitude, and their union is perfect. I bear the whole body in myself and am still ONE.

"They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord." Isa. 24:14. The Lord has not called you to be stoic thinkers, heavily laden with doubts and fears. Or to be mere onlookers, nor undernourished, having fears like startled sheep, and downtrodden, having the perplexities of this age. We must be subordinate to the divine urges. You are "day stars" summoned to a new frontier, even the Day of the Lord, when He comes in all His majesty. A day/morning star bespeaks, a new day dawning. "They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord."

Paul’s teaching says, "That the man of God be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." 11 Tim. 3: 16. One can not know how God deals with men in a non-physical way without a vital connection in His Spirit, on His high plane of operation. "Thoroughly furnished" is not just speaking of having a mild encounter with Jesus. It is deeper than reading religious material that is intellectually wholesome. The Holy Spirit has given us definite spiritual equipping that is not received at seminars. Spiritual operation and operating in the mind of the Lord can not be had from any TV evangelist "do it yourself kit." Nothing will "thoroughly furnish" one but his own built-in spiritual electrical power plant imparted by the Lord Jesus Himself, as one waits on Him.

There are many rumors throughout the church world today. In all probability the largest is that Christ is coming physically in the clouds, and will make war against the antichrist, which antichrist has been revealed for years now. But the gentleness of God’s wind is a-stir deep within His people, and a deep change is on the threshold. It is the greatest stir, change and upheavel since the beginning. The Lord’s prophetic barometer is changing rapidly. Our Bridegroom is wooing us into the holiest, the presence of Him, where-in is no duality.

There is a new sound in the body of Christ. It is not like the old, it has not the shadow of the old. Father is taking you where you partake in Him beyond the voices of past millennium’s. The "Man whose name is the Branch, he shall build the temple of the Lord." And "Except the Lord build the house, the laborers build in vain." Many places Paul speaks of "edification," or the, "building up of the body of Christ."

"And He gave indeed apostles, and prophets, and evangelists, and shepherds and teachers, for the complete qualification of the saints for the work of Service, in order to the Building up of the body of Anointed One ( Christ ); till..." Eph. 4:11, 12. "How is it brethren, when you assemble, each one of you has a Psalm, has a Teaching, has a Revelation, has a Language, has an interpretation? Let all things be done for Building up." 1 Cor. 14:26.

This is a spiritual work of BUILDING UP THE TEMPLE WHICH YOU ARE. And not for pulling you down. "If ever I, besides, should also be boasting somewhat more excessively concerning our authority ( which the Lord gives us for the building you up and not for pulling you down )." 11 Cor. 10: 8.

"Knowledge puffs up, yet love builds up." 1 Cor. 8:1. So love is the main factor in building (edification) of the temple of the Lord. And remember this, HELL IS THE SUFFERING OF BEING UNABLE TO LOVE. So, Let all things be done unto the Building up of the body of Christ..through Love for one another.

Being the Branch of the Lord, Who is the "TREE OF LIFE," you are also the "leaves of the Tree, for the healing of the nations." Rev. 22:2. If it was not for chlorophyll in the leaves of trees, we would have no oxygen to breathe, and thus no life on earth. People with leafy plants in their homes have more oxygen than if they didn’t have them there. God has raised you up for the healing of the nations, through His Son Jesus Christ in you. Leaves on the Tree of Life ( Christ Jesus ) are life to all. God bless you.

Scott & Louise