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What's Going On? – God! Pt.1
By John Gavazzoni

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I have, of late, been struck by, and therefore emphasizing the non-static quality of the Being of God. Everything about the Divine Nature is reproductive, expansive, and developmental. Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the full realization of her election to conceive and give birth to the Son of God dawned upon her — that through her the eternal Son of God would transition into eonian existence as her Son, Jesus of Nazareth — expressed her wonderment and delight exclaiming, "My soul doth magnify the Lord...."

It might be shocking to some to be confronted with the simple fact that the Greek word conventionally translated in the gospel record as "magnify," essentially means "increase." The Spirit of Truth has lead me to begin this presentation of Deity's development from that point. The full development of the Being of God into all its fulness begins with, and is centered upon the birthing of a Son.

Please keep in mind that the coming of baby Jesus into this world through a human birth canal was not the beginning of His Being. That eonian, earthly event was a grace-granted participation in the heavenly, eternal birthing of the eternally-begotten of the Father. (I'm being purposefully redundant).

Paul wrote of "the increase of God," which literally means, "God's increase," and at the heart of this Divine developmental growth is the experience of God becoming parental and filial by the birth of a Son, i.e., God's out-the-gate experience of procession into all divine fulness out from divine fulness, was the experience of becoming a Father and Mother by the birth of a Son.

God was now (it's always now in eternity) not just God, God was now – in the eternal moment — along with its eonian emergence — a Father, a Mother and a Son. Some have wondered whether we ought to refrain from speaking of the Son of God as God, the Son, preferring to stay with scripture's simple description of our Lord as the Son of God. I understand that preference, and basically concur with it.

But this issue, I believe, begs a fresh breath of inspiration. I agree that the orthodox description of Deity as God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit, is not conducive to helping us understand the non-static nature of God. God BECAME parental and filial by giving birth to a Son. This BECOMING of God, sprang forth out of the depths of the BEING of God.

The ground of all being, the Being of God, non-statically fulfills Itself seminally as Father, Mother and Son, by the interpersonal, conjugal communion of the Holy Spirit, and that BECOMING out from the midst of BEING finds extension as the Son, ongoingly, as the embodied fulness of the Godhead, carries on Deity's determination to become Family by becoming a Father Himself with His bride, God's Daughter, who came forth out from Him as His complement.

These are not mere modes of God. Real family-constituted Personhood has proceeded forth from the Being in whom we all have our being. The communion of the Holy Spirit is the communion of real otherness of Personhood within the Oneness of Deity, and communion calls for personal fellowship, (person to person communion).

Mere differences of divine modes would not qualify as the passionate communion within Deity which can be found as a thread of revelation running from Genesis to Revelation. Modes don't love. Persons do. Deity remains essentially One, while adding otherness of Personhood out from the midst the Oneness of the Godhead's Family-potentiality.

That's "what's going on" dear saints. That's the very heart of the administration of God. And, as children of God, the above is what makes us God's children. As children of God, what I've described above is what makes us God's children. You are, in union with Christ, part of God's procession from Being to Family. So how are we to understand the relationship between the source of our being as thus far described, with our dust-formed, space-time continuum existence?

God formed you into earthen creaturehood from the substance of your eternal being as a child of God. He took your spirit substance, which is the reproduction and expansion of God's glory as Family, reduced it to dust, and created you out of; carved you out of; formed you out of; fashioned you out of that glorious "dust."

Your dust-form IS glorious, as is all of humanity's, for "the whole earth is full of His glory," and God's kid's are God's glory. Then God subjected it all to futility, not by its will, but by the will of Him who subjected it in hope. On that note, I'll end this first installment of "What's Going On," and we'll seek to understand why God would do so in our next lesson. Go to part two.

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