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Proclaiming Jesus Christ, to be King of kings
and the savior of all men.

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Helga and Alan McSavage

A Tribute – Alan McSavage

We give honour to the life of Alan McSavage who went to be with his Lord on October 5, 2007 following a lengthy time of illness. Alan was the founder of this website, and webmaster for about 8 years. In spite of his many challenges he continued with much tenacity to carry on the internet ministry in order to share the message of God’s love and salvation for all. Many of us owe much to his efforts.

Alan was born June 30,1936 in London England. He was the son of Jonas Mickiawicus and Eveline Robinson. While yet an infant, his family moved to Canada. At a young age he joined the Canadian army and served in Germany. It was there that he met Helga who was to become his wife of 54 years. After leaving the army he became a “Fire Fighter” and ended his career as an Acting Platoon Chief with the City of Brantford, Ontario, Fire Department, where he served for 32 years.

While still with the Fire Department, he became involved in charismatic ministry. He was ordained in 1981 while he was pastoring his first church. In the later 1980's he connected with Bishop Quander Wilson of The Greater Emmanuel International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, and travelled extensively as a bishop. In time he was led to begin Greater Emmanuel International in Canada as a separate body, and began to receive the revelation of God’s never failing love for all mankind. The message of the kingdom of God, and of reconciliation and grace to all men, has been the burden of his heart. He wanted to share this truth around the world.


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