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An internet survey by our local TV station asked the question: “What makes your festive season memorable?” The four choices given to choose from were: 1 - Family and friends, 2 - Spiritual ceremonies, 3 - Good gifts, and 4 - Other. 79% chose Family and friends. Now, I know that some reading this article would have chosen, “Spiritual ceremonies,” as I once might have done, however, the choice of “Family and friends” may well be closer to the heart of our Father God. And, for those who would rather do away with festive holidays, it is hard to knock, family and friends as sometimes these seasonal gatherings are the rare times that we see one another.

God has always been about Family. No matter how you define God, we recognize that the Father sent the Son. I appreciate John Gavazzoni’s view of God as being Father, Mother and Son, or FAMILY. Romans 8:29 says, “For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined {to become} conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the firstborn among MANY BRETHREN - brothers;” I believe we would call this family.

At this time each year the much of the world, and certainly the religious Christian sector, celebrates the birth of Jesus, the ONE who was born to be lifted up so that all would be drawn - literally dragged - to Him. We know that both the Scripture and the early church did not teach, or practice any form of celebration of His birth. In fact it is very easy to do a bit of research and prove that the various things involved with the modern Christmas are of pagan origin. Yet, others can take some of these same things and see spiritual truth. Which makes you happier?

It is very easy from the heights of our spiritual perception to look down on others who practice the Christmas season differently than we would do, or not do. One is reminded of the words of Paul about the freedom one had to eat meat dedicated to idols, while another had big problems with eating meat offered to idols as it was offensive to them in that it reminded them of their past life when they worshiped idols.

We certainly do not know the day that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, nor for that matter can one prove beyond a doubt that it was approximately 2000 years ago that he was born, but does it really matter? I know that some make a lot of thousand year periods, but frankly God’s clock is not ours. We often like to tie things up in neat little packages to try and prove our various teachings. I learned a long time ago that we CANNOT put God in a box. See my article, “What is Time to God?” In which I discuss a Forty Thousand year Covenant.

One of the best stories that Jesus told was the one that has come to be called “The story of the prodigal son.” The word prodigal means, one who was a waster, or squandered. We recall that the youngest son asked his father for his inheritance, before his father died, which can be compared to trying to collect an insurance policy before you die.

Now, this father had a lot of insights that most of us tend to lack. He knew that keeping this son home would not stop the inner tugging to go and do his own thing. He gave his son all that would have been his due later, and off this lad went. Meantime, back at home the older son was carefully doing everything just right. He was a good lad, but his heart was that of a pharisee. The pharisee’s started out to try and live right, and then got caught up with rules upon rules of what to do or not do.

The time came when the younger son had his fill of wine, women, drunkenness, drugs, gambling and all kinds of carnal living. He became flat broke! He was so broke that he began to starve from lack of good food. Soon he was down in skid row begging for what little he could get to eat. Then he began to think. “Why, my dad’s servants are well fed, and here I am in a huge mess with the dregs of society. Maybe I should try going home and ask to become one of his servants.” So, off he went almost limping home hoping that somehow something good would happen to him, yet knowing he served nothing.

His father knew that when his son came to his senses he would come home. He was out there looking for him every day, and when he saw his son coming, he ran to meet him, and he embraced him saying something like, “Son I’m so glad you are home, I love you no matter what you have done.” The son, confessed his sins and unworthiness, but his father, wasn’t listening and ordered a grand banquet to celebrate and rejoice that his son had come home.

Yes, our Father knew long before we wandered off to do our own thing that in due time we would come home to Him. The pathway home may vary for different persons, but the fact remains, the call is, “COME HOME!” And still is, “COME HOME!”

Years ago there was a chorus that started like this, “I’m so glad I’m a part of the Family of God.” That is what it is all about, it’s ALL ABOUT FAMILY. The family of God. Let us rejoice that the Father sent the Son that so that we all are part of His glorious FAMILY!

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