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“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is CLEAR, your whole body will be full of light. "But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! Matthew 6:22-23 (NAU)

This article is about the TRUE GOSPEL, the GOOD NEWS that brings CLARITY and CLEARNESS of vision. It also deals with the negative gospel of CONFUSION, which has caused many to stray from the purity of Christ. The heart of the really true gospel, is the reconciliation of man to God, and contrary to religion, not God to man. This brings CLARITY, CLEARNESS and PURITY, like the “pure river of the water of Life” in Revelation Chapter Twenty-Two.

The Gospel of CONFUSION is bad news! Those who come under this fear producing, “unhappy gospel,” believe in an angry, unloving God. This God is actually said to love them, however, it is conditional upon keeping the rules. It is like a muddy polluted river. This is NOT good news!

The UNHAPPY Gospel preaches about getting saved to go to heaven, so that you won’t suffer unbelievable unending torment in a place called hell. This preaching makes fearful, weak, and confused Christians who are always sin conscious. Fear of sinning and never “making heaven” is constantly in their thinking. They see God’s grace as something to be earned every day by following the rules they have been taught, because they have been conditioned to believe that they do not, and cannot merit, or deserve the grace of God. What confusion! What rubbish!!!

Unknown to most it seems, is the truth that back before this whole world began, all mankind was CHOSEN IN CHRIST. Because of this fact, we DO MERIT the GRACE of GOD - His glorious favor. Jesus Christ is no longer a means to an end, a fire escape, rather He is the center and purpose of our new “IN Christ life.”

Under the Gospel of CONFUSION, many are weak, fearful, and often cringe in fear of Satan/devil or demons. Some have been conditioned to believe that the devil is just about equal to God, and that we believers are almost helpless against him. They may say, “Jesus is Lord, “and use His name Jesus over and over again or say “the blood, the blood” repeatedly like a mantra to protect them but sadly they have no realization of what it means. It is amazing how many are blinded to the absolute total victory of Jesus Christ over sin, sickness, the devil and, even the fear of generational curses. This is NOT the Gospel of CLARITY, but that of living under the Law with all of it’s CONFUSION and bondage!

True CLARITY is this: “GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU than he who is in the world.” WHO is within us? Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory. The apostle John wrote, “Little children, you continuously exist from out of God [or you exist with God as your source you originate your being from God], and you have conquered (overcome) and are now victorious over them, because greater is the One (He) within you than the one within the ordered system (world; cosmos; universe).” 1 John 4:4 Jonathan Mitchell Translation

CONFUSION is caused when one is influenced by a modernized version of the Mosaic Law with its endless requirements. The church throughout it’s 2000 years of stain glass history failed to come out from under the Law. This was one of the major problems in the early days of the Church. One is mindful of Paul saying to the Galatians, “You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you.” The New English Bible is blunt. “You stupid Galatians! You must have been bewitched.” (Galatians 3:1) In other words, “You have been subjected to DECEPTION!” Many today live under the modernised version of the law, which is error! It makes the Christ life and victory dependent upon works and constant fear of failure and sinning.

The “New Testament” period didn’t really begin until the Book of Acts, and that actually leaves the Four Gospel records under the Old Covenant of LAW. Before casting your stones, take a look and see who Jesus spoke to, and those who strongly opposed Him. They were all under the Law, including Jesus, whose main ministry was to those under the Mosaic Law, which He came to FULFIL, and did.

Today, many believers live under one form or another of legalism, which causes uncertainty, and is used to persuade them to do what is asked of them. “Give or God won’t bless you, tithe or else expect financial disaster! Do this, or don’t do that, unless you want to be in trouble with God, and certainly with the pastor.”

How many remember the Sunday School chorus about, “Be careful, little eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet, because the Father up above is said to be looking down in love.” When you think about it, it sounded more like, “Big Brother is watching.” The same is true of the Santa Claus song about, “You had better watch out - cause Santa is coming to town,” and if you aren’t good, you won’t GET. Both bring sadness and confusion as to whether one is good enough, or where one went wrong if they didn’t get.

Any form of LEGALISM, is SELF RELIANCE, that is, you or me doing the good stuff, rather than RELIANCE on the INDWELLING CHRIST. A Spirit filled Christian is NOT obligated to keep legalistic rules, when the RULE MAKER DWELLS WITHIN. This indwelling, sets us free from the LAW and man-made rules.

Many consider the display of religious symbolism as important. When we argue for public display and use such good things, as the “Ten Commandments” and, “The Lord’s Prayer/Our Father,” ALL we are doing is relying upon religious symbolism to change the hearts and minds of people. Frankly, this is NOT crucial to the purposes of God. YES, I said that and I meant that. Our Faith must be in God who rules over ALL. Remember it’s, “NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT, SAYS THE LORD OF HOST.”

If public displays of religious symbols worked, we would have morality based upon the LAW, and most of North America would be crime free, yet, one in one hundred males are in prison today. Outward imposed morality DOES NOT produce character, or inward heart change. It may help to control a few for a short time. LAW in any form is not life giving, including using Bible verses to force compliance with a desired goal no matter how noble it may seem to be.

The GOSPEL of CLARITY brings true morality, produced by the inner working of the Spirit in the saints. We call this, “the FRUIT of the Spirit,” it is the nature of Christ. This is what the GOSPEL OF CLARITY IS. Remember, HE WHO HAS THE SON IS FREE INDEED!

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