By Eric Olson

We ARE ONE with Our Father IN The Son. Not "becoming" ONE because we ARE one because He made us ONE in the Body of His Son - Jesus. But there IS a becoming. Each one of us is BECOMING AWARE that we ARE ONE IN THE SON and therefore ONE with The Father - Who is Our Father.

It is imperative that we MUST let go of WHO we "think" are and WHAT we "think" we are. And those are NOT the same things. For unless and until we DO, our minds being SO full of what WE "think" IS, precludes us from being OPEN enough to "see" what we are CONSTANTLY being shown.

AS each of us "see" others through LOVE-filled eyes as they truly ARE - just exactly as The Father sees them with that very same LOVE that He is - others WILL absolutely begin to "see" themselves and then others in that VERY SAME WAY. The time is NOW for most people's "heavens" to be shaken. If you don’t “think” yours need to be, then they probably do. In this "shaking" we will eventually "let go" of ALL that we "think" we know about The Father and about The Son which of course includes His reunified Body. What has been “seen” as two can now be “seen” as truly being ONE.

Because of our Grace-Gift from Our Father - we ARE to extend that same Grace-Gift to others. Therefore Grace EVERYBODY with the very SAME Grace that we were given by Him, and withhold it not. He HAS enabled us with His ability and we HAVE received His commission to LOVE people into WHOLENESS. He knows what He says WHOLENESS IS which is far above and beyond whatever we have ever dared to believe.

As it has often been said - we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not JUST a human being. What a Glorious time to be here at the consummation of the ages. Thank you Father.

Eric Olson

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