Relatedness By Lynda Mitchell

The good news really is good news! Jesus said He came to show us the Father. Good news begins with the blessing of relatedness. We're created in His image which is a glorious thing! It's significant to know authentically who we are and what our destiny is all about.

When I study His Word I'm learning a new language. When He breathes upon me I become alive to His Spirit (Breath-effect). In the beginning I imitated religion by "pinning apples on my tree." It takes time to understand the working-out-of-His-process in me. I've discovered the fruit of the Spirit grows as I simply abide in the vine.

Abiding is the 'secret place' of REST wherein we 'live and move and have our BE-ing.' We're aligned with the Mind of Christ and continue growing up into Him. Order and design, Beauty and Truth are hallmarks of the living Temple of God. He is shaping each precious stone into a perfect (mature, complete) image of Himself. Heaven is a realm (kingdom, reign) of living stones filled with the fullness of Him. The full Body of Christ is the composite Living Water and Bread of Heaven. It's not a future reality, it is now. (Hebrews 12:22-24)

In every season Jesus continually pointed to the Father: "I must be about my Father (the word 'business' is supplied)." "I can do nothing, except I see the Father." "If you've seen Me, you've seen the Father." In a life of faith, Jesus demonstrated relatedness over and over again. His prayer that we would be One in Him and One in the Father, is a powerful truth that determines the final result: With Jesus, everything is possible. Without Jesus, nothing is possible.

The Blessing of "whosoever will, COME, and drink of the Water of Life" is what Christ offers freely, and we, too, as vessels of His Mercy. I see our lives moving far beyond the traditional scope of 'evangelizin;' it is a greater reality walking in the simplicity of Christ, flowing with the Spirit of our Father: "Greater things shall you do ..."

It's the "new and living way" in which we treasure, nurture and bless others and all of creation. No other foundation can be laid, because Christ, the Chief Cornerstone, is established. It is a finished work, "made without hands," to the glory of the Father who DWELLS-WITH-MAN-CREATED-IN-HIS-IMAGE.

Lynda Mitchell

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