The Jesus Generation
Crusaders Mission International.

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Through love, compassion and God's Will our mission is to reach out to the world with the Word of God, Educating, Feeding, Clothing, Housing and Nurturing anyone God leads to us. Plant Churches around the world and to bring people to know and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The Lord God has called us to awaken believers in the Body of Christ through Revivals and to awaken and strengthen the local churches. We have witnessed thousands of people come to the Lord through the revivals we are hosting in our churches. Many people have been healed and others delivered from demonic oppression. It has been our desire to see the fire of the Lord come down and transform the lives of many.

It has also been our goal that as we preach the Word, we also reach and touch people with acts of compassion, demonstrating the love of our Savior. We have had to supply food and clothing in some communities that are barely surviving. Like now, it is very hard for people living in rural areas to afford two meals a day; sometimes they can only afford one meal in two days. Our church is here to reach them and show them that Jesus cares.

Community based projects: The goal of these projects is to let people see the love and compassion that Jesus Christ has for them. We believe that by doing so we will be reaching many people and ministering to them. One is the existing projects is HE IS ACADEMY, a school for the orphans, which has 70 kids now. We are also praying and trusting God to build a home that will care for the homeless and orphans. We are also trusting God to build a training center for children of widows and widowers in the community. Jesus said that whoever does for the little ones will be have done to Him.


In the verbal Divine inspiration of the original Scriptures.
In the absolute Trinity of the eternal God-head.
In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit.
In the substitutionary atonement through Jesus Christ.
In the full salvation by grace
In the personal Baptism and infilling of the Holy Ghost
In water baptism by immersion
In the evangelization of the lost through all nations of the world.
In church government, loyalty and obedience to those in authority over us in the Lord, who provide sound doctrine based on grace, truth, faith, sound teachings of Christ and who live by example.

In the office of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher as gifts from the Lord Jesus to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to bring maturity to the church.

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Pastor Alex & Lorna Masika
Box 1676 ,
Webuye , Kenya .
Postal code -50205 .
Apostle Alex Masika