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Creation Out Of Procreation
By John Gavazzoni

Procreation comes from the Latin meaning before creation. Conventional theological thought re: creation, is that there was nothing (except God, Himself) before creation, and that God created everything out of nothing, known in formal theology as the doctrine of creation ex nihilo. In English usage, the word, procreation, commonly refers to the process of giving birth.

Webster's New World Dictionary has, as the first meaning, to produce (young); beget, with the second meaning, simply to produce. By far, in English usage, the word refers especially to produce by begetting. Proceeding from that, by far, most usual meaning of the word, the question arises, "what is, what exists, before creation?"

In scripture, a clear distinction is made between procreation (producing offspring, begetting, reproduction by birth) and creation, most basically by presenting God as Father and Creator. He begets, AND He creates. The distinction must be understood and held to, while maintaining the essential relationship between the two. They are distinct but DIRECTLY related.

It should be noted that The Apostle's Creed, places God's Fatherhood before His creativity: "I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth." The initiative of God as Father that results in procreation is before (as in the basis upon what follows) creation. It is before, as in providing the substance of and for creation. Without procreation there would have been no creation, ex nihilo notwithstanding, for creation out of nothing is an absurd notion.

Jesus knew, and repeatedly spoke of God as His Father, both publicly and, as ought to be especially noted, in the times of most intimate (mostly) private communion, for He, as scripture attests, He came out from within God. He is the First Fruit of the loins of God by way of the womb of God. He is the firstBORN of all creation, the firstBORN out from the midst of the dead. He is not the firstCREATED of all creation, He is the first BORN. He is the Beginning of all creation, in that everything created was created within Him. That is the sense of Him being the Beginning of all creation.

Creation is about forming, crafting, carving out of something, out of a pre-existent substance. Procreation is the result of a conjugal union, a coming together in the intimacy of self-giving and receiving, by which Life begets life, by Being producing Being in the act of love, thus our Lord is "the Son of His love." The "His" in that affirmation, implies a complementary "Her." For whoever heard of a father without a complementary mother.

Creation's "stuff,"---what it is formed out of---is procreation's "stuff." Birthed Being is the substance from which created existence is formed. God births spirit, and creates, forms, carves out, sculptures, materiality out of spirit substance. All things created are formed out of spirit, and spirit is NOT CREATED, it is birthed. Scripture refers to God as "the Father of spirits," and that "that which is born of spirit IS spirit."

There is no such thing as a created spirit. That clearly stated truth throws the whole angel mythology out the window. God did not CREATE a race of spirit beings. No reference to such a thing can be found in scripture's very detailed account of creation.

AND, by the way, spirit's destiny, according to the administration of God, is physical embodiment put through a process of the affliction of suffering an existential alienation from its Primal Origin (Barth), then reconstituted, restored, and returned to, the spirit-glory which is its Beginning. By God suffering all that He is NOT, and joining us to His experience, He becomes more and more of all that He IS out of the depths of all that He is.

The glory of God shines brightest when facing that which is diametrically opposed to, and desiring to steal from Him, that glory. Never did God shine so glorious than when He said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Glory's fullest expression requires the infamy of man's hostility. Mankind can only come to know the love of God intimately when faced with a God who will not, and does not, react in kind to its hostility. God's love is seen in all its brilliance when it does not---did not on Calvary---react in vindictive retaliation.

Creation's "stuff" is the stuff of sonship, and that via the sons of God unveiled as the glorious sons that they are. The reason all creation is expectantly awaiting the disclosure, unveiling, manifestation of the sons of God for its deliverance from decay is because creation was formed out of the stuff of the sons of God, whose stuff is the Spirit of glory. So as the sons go, so goes all creation.

But please remember, it is THE Son In the sons that makes the sons sons. It is that we are IN THE Son that makes us sons. There is only one sonship: that of the uniquely-begotten of the Father, whose sonship He shares with us. Our being is begotten of God's Being, That is why Jesus is called the only-begotten/uniquely begotten Son, but also the First Begotten of many brethren. We have suffered a disconnect from that begotten sonship in our age-circumscribed existence. Thus it is required that we be born again, or as the Greek more fully has it, born back up again from above.

When Jesus said that a man must be born again, born FROM above, born back up again FROM above, he was not contrasting being born again spiritually with being born physically. He was showing the relationship between our Primal Origin, as born of God, and our need to be returned to that birth which is "above."

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