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Son-Centric Deity
By John Gavazzoni

We often hear of the need to be Cristo-Centric, Christ-Centered, but according to the principle that the nature of all things traces to the nature of God, whatever is going on within the Divine Nature is what is going on within the depths of all things, even as, for now, that deep substructure is attacked by all that it is not, therefore, since "in Him (Christ) all things consist," Son-Centricity is at the heart of what Deity is, what Deity is about, and what Deity is doing. Though language fails to explain how there can be in eternity that which is before or after, Son-Centricity, precedes Christ-Centricity, Christ-Centeredness is based upon Son-Centeredness. The One who is the Anointed, is anointed as, and because, He is the Son. The anointing which makes the Son to be the Christ, the anointing that gave Jesus the knowledge of, and motivation to, preach the gospel amounted to Him seeing what the Father was doing, and as One with the Father, doing the same. The anointing that the apostle John said that we all have is simply the gift of sharing in that relationship with the Father that is, first, the Son's primal relationship.

The point I have intended to make in this article---though I confess the attempt will be clumsy at best---is that what centers Deity, what keeps Deity, Godness, the Godhead focused and on target, and gives that all-inclusive Being both its eternal and eonian forward movement is that Their supreme pleasure is centered upon "the Son of His love." ("His" implies "Hers" since Deity cannot be Paternal without being Maternal). It is the supreme pleasure of the Divine Nature to have begotten a Son, and that in that Son all fullness should dwell, and that They should gift the whole of the cosmos with the fullness of the Son. According to the apostle Paul, God works all things after the counsel of His will, and may I take some artistic liberty by portraying that counsel as that seminal moment within, and which is eternity, when both the Paternal and Maternal potential of the Divine Nature came together and said, "Let's start a Family." It was the eternal moment of divine delight. The very thought of begetting a Son, and beginning a Family caused God to overflow with joy.

God sent His Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him, FROM all that it is NOT, into all that it IS, which is Son-constituted everything. As I've pointed out above, it is as the Son that Jesus was and is the Christ, and therefore for anything or anyone to be anti-Christ is to be anti-Son. I had been considering writing this article for several days, and then just yesterday evening I watched a science program on television about how the cutting-edge of science's probing into the nature of the universe, which seems to be inexorably leading those scientists most involved in this quest to conclude that the universe is a living thing, that the universe has a mind, and thinks---that it is, in fact, one, grand, magnificent living entity. I posited quite a few years ago that it is the stuff/spirit of Sonship that is the stuff of all things. The early church father, Origen, began to peer into this mystery and saw the sun, moon and planets as living things.

In closing, I urge the reader to ponder that, if the universe is one huge, magnificent living entity, a single, living body, as it were, which cannot be separated from all that God is, that when the Word became flesh, and those early disciples beheld His glory, the glory of the only-begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth, and Paul came to realize that all the fullness of God dwelt bodily in Him, that His body, and the whole body of creation are One Body.

John GavazzoniJohn Gavazzoni
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