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Imposed Freedom
By John Gavazzoni

There are few arenas of thought that expose for us so acutely the vast disparity between GOD'S thoughts and GOD'S ways, and our thoughts, and our ways, as that arena wherein we consider the nature of freedom. Amazing is the level of human theological stupidity that would enter the above arena without making the freedom of GOD its frame of reference. If GOD'S freedom is not foundational to any reflection upon the nature of freedom in general, and specifically the nature of human freedom, we end up hopelessly bogged down in confusion.

Freedom is an eternal reality intrinsic to the nature of GOD. GOD is free. How is it that HE is free? It is simple, GOD is a GOD of divine desire that is rooted in the love that is at the heart of HIS desire. Out of HIS desire arises HIS purpose, upon which is brought to bear HIS determinative will, and within HIS will are the complexities of that prerogative of election which is solely HIS, and which unfolds in both the macro and micro dimensions of the steady forward movement of HIS will toward fulfillment of HIS desire. So thusly HIS Way operates.

The story which begins with GOD'S desire, and ends with the fulfillment of HIS desire, is a story of freedom in action. Nothing can obstruct or limit HIM. HE is free, and is the SOURCE of all freedom. If, and only if, HE drags us into the stream of HIS freedom are we indeed free. Otherwise, we would be caught in an unending cycle of futility leading to futility, even as we darkly imagine that we are engaged in carrying out acts of our supposed "free will."

Fully under GOD's control, the forces of bondage deceive us by getting us to imagine that the choices we are making within the prison of our bondage are really free choices, even as our chains increase in number and tightness. No, those choices, all of them made outside of the stream of HIS freedom, are completely circumscribed by the GOD-imposed spiritual darkness working as genetic, cultural, societal, prejudicial and nurtural factors. But they are all designed by GOD with a view to making us truly free.

I said "making" us free, for quite contra-distinctive to how we, in the natural, think of freedom, in the kingdom of God, freedom is imposed. Yes, that's what I said, in the kingdom of GOD, freedom is imposed. What a paradox: imposed freedom. The power of the enemy, within the structures of the kingdom of this age, is the power to impose bondage; ultimately the bondage to decay unto, and which is, death.

Two different impositions at work here folks; this world's systemic imposition of bondage, and GOD'S imposition of freedom. GOD'S love has power, and that power is forceful and imposing, unyielding in its determination to MAKE us free, to CAUSE us to walk in HIS freedom. I have said it before, and it bears repeating: We have this dark imagination that since our creaturely existence involves us, by some definition, making all kinds of decisions on life's pathway, that this equates to being free.

"See (says the idiot), look at me making all these decisions of mine. Obviously this means I'm free, I have free will, I'm a free moral agent." No, that simply means that you're making choices, making decisions; being free is completely a different matter. Your choices, your decisions may, or may not be expressive of freedom.

I dare say, that as we are still in the process of transformation into the image of God's Son, even as we experience the imposition of freedom by God into and upon us, still there remain elements of bondage clinging to our experience of freedom. The divine paradox deepens as spiritual light increases, as we experience the imposition of freedom, as we're dragged into the stream of GOD'S freedom, slavery to Jesus Christ as Lord is imposed upon us, and therein is true freedom. The more HIS chains tighten around us, the freer we become.

Now the carrying out of GOD'S freedom, is not without cost for HIM. The Way of GOD'S freedom, is the Way of the cross. By the Way of the cross, GOD dragged out of the depths of HIMSELF, greater dimensions of the freedom which is intrinsic to HIS divine nature, and HIS dragging of us into the stream of HIS freedom, is integral to HIS experience of the unfolding, out of HIS depths, more and more of the freedom which IS HIM, and which IS US in union with HIM. GOD desired a greater experience of the freedom deep within HIS depths, so HE freely chose the Way of death as the Way to greater freedom.

"Jesus, keep me near the cross
There a precious fountain,
Free to all--a healing stream,
Flows from Calvary's mountain."

There it is, there's the stream of God's freedom into which He drags us, as HE imposes HIS freedom upon us. If, by now in this article, I have you thoroughly confused, good, for that is the beginning of your deliverance from the bondage of how you think of freedom, and into the freedom of GOD'S thoughts, and HIS ways.

John GavazzoniJohn Gavazzoni
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