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A Permeating Spirit

John R Gavazzoni

Thousand Oaks, CA

There is an "orderly arrangement" within the aions that is all-pervasive and encompassing, influencing, whether overtly or covertly, everything that appeals to our five sense. In the original Greek of the new testament, the word is "kosmos," from which, of course, we get our English word, "cosmos," and is rightly defined by Strong's Concordance, as an "orderly arrangement."

It is systemic, and, in opposition to the Spirit of Christ Who births us anew to our true identity as children of God, it dehumanizes our humanness by creating a sensation of freedom that leads to bondage, and by inciting the kind of fear that leads us to seek security in what is really, in its very spirit, a robot-creating system designed specifically for the disintegration of the human personality.

As believers, we are in this "world," (as most popular bible versions translate "kosmos"), but we are not of the world. It is alien to us, in fact it is alien to every human being, only more evidently so where the life of Christ has asserted itself as our life. Even, as believers, as long as we are subject to the jamming of our physical/soulical airwaves, we will feel the influence of alienation from our true homeland, the Kingdom of God.

There are varying degrees, individually, of complicity with this arrangement. Some who have the overt appearance of having come out from it, are actually quite energized, or better, de-energized by its spirit, while some of those who are looked down upon as worldlings by religionists, for instance, may be comparatively insulated from its subtle manipulations.

One of the characteristics of "the world" that is very manipulative is the orderly arrangement of its priorities. The face it puts forth is one of wisdom, an intimidating false-wisdom that cleverly seeks to convince us that its top priority is to look after our well-being, when in fact, its top priority is self-preservation and the establishment of deeply entrenched power that is not to be questioned by lowly peons like you and me.

The fields of religion, science, medicine, law, journalism and government (local, national and international) are all permeated by this spirit. What is so subtle about it is that it always can point to some genuine benefits that it offers us, while all the while seeking to enslave us. It uses facts in the service of the lie, and allows truth into its ranks only just enough to validate its continued existence and authority.

It very obviously promotes those who consciously, or unconsciously bow to its supposed sovereignly. That is not to say that God cannot, nor does not, intervene and promote His own vessels of honor right in the middle of the system in spite of, and to the dismay of its powers-that-be. Think Joseph and Daniel. This fact alone reveals that God is the ultimate Power who manipulates all alien powers, and that they answer to him finally.

I think that it would be wise, in this regard, for those of us who are given to teaching, and who emphasize that there is really only one power in the universe, to further explain our meaning, for clearly, scripture speaks of the kingdom of God and power of God, but also of "principalities and powers." It speaks of the one Holy Spirit, but also reminds to "...test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."

That God, by His initiation---but not by His inspiration--- has brought into existence alien and alienating spirits and powers, is obvious from scripture and from experience. What must be affirmed by revelation and in faith is that they all serve His purposes in spite of their intentions.

Rather than trying to run from these powers and spirits, when it becomes obvious that God is giving them access to us, we can say to devils and demons, "OK, if that's the way it's got to be in my Father's plan, go ahead, take your best shot, and after you have, know this, YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN FOR THE COUNT." Glory!

Stay tuned for future serious, seminal samplings.

John Gavazzoni

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