In my opinion, people who feel motivated to defend the doctrine of endless hell have been chosen by God to be vessels of the grossest dishonour, regardless as to how righteous the rest of their life appears to be. They have already sunk to the lowest level possible of moral debauchery.

In my opinion, the greatest of all manifestations of God’s grace in action is that people can believe in endless hell and not go stark-raving mad.

In my opinion, the Bible teaches universal transformation. In other words, it teaches that God will change every second of everyone’s suffering into something better that it happened, including the sufferings that Satan must yet endure.

In my opinion, at some point in the future, God will reveal to everyone that the evangelical doctrine of endless hell is the blackest part of the canvas upon which God will paint the exceeding richness of His undefeatable grace.

In my opinion, everything that a person does is because they have to do it. In other words, everyone always responds to the strongest influence at any given point in time. It is God alone Who controls the interplay between good and evil, and He will work everything out for everyone’s good in due time.

In my opinion, Satan, and all wicked beings are only doing what God wants them to do within the wise counsel of His will. He wants everyone to rebel against His revealed will to the extent that He allows them to. Everyone will try to influence others to the extent that they feel they should, but they will only be as successful as God wants them to be.

In my opinion, people who claim to be “saved” are mistaken when they think they will not receive corrective punishment after their resurrection from the dead. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ removed the enmity between God and His creatures. But wrong attitudes cannot be forgiven. Wrong attitudes must change, and both people who claim to be “saved”, and the rest of us, will receive corrective punishment for a length of time that God will decide for each individual.

In my opinion, people who read this page will say, “You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but it’s what the Bible says that counts.” And my reply is, “These opinions of mine are an expression of what I see in the Bible, and are an expression of the kind of God that I see in the Bible.” In my opinion, it is God who controls how each person interpets the Bible.

In this great truth, I relax.