Everyone will always respond to the strongest influence.

Everyone will always respond to the strongest influence.

This statement of fact, all by itself, proves that there is no such a thing as “free will”.

One argument that people use to try to prove that we have a free will is, “We are not robots”. But the fact is that we do have one very important thing in common with robots, and that is, that the way we are, and everything we do, is the product of causality. All of our choices are a product of the influences that have been brought to bear upon us in the past, plus the influence that is being brought to bear upon us right now. And the strongest combination of influences will prevail every time, without exception.

A second argument that people use to try to prove that we have a free will is, “Our choices would have no moral value if we are not able to choose contrary to our preferences”. God says that He operates all in accord with the counsel of His own will. He doesn’t say that He operates all except for the human will.

It is in accord with God’s decretive will (that which must occur), that we violate His preceptive will (that which we ought to do), as much as we actually do it. And through what Christ accomplished for us all by His death and resurrection, through the power in the blood of His cross, God will change all the negative consequences of our violating His preceptive will into a glorious positive for everyone, without exception.

So after the claim that we are not robots has been thoroughly hashed out; and the assertion that our choices would have no moral value if we didn’t have a free will is discussed, yet the stubborn fact will still remain true, that everyone always, without exception, responds to the strongest influence every time.

It is a huge blessing to be able to believe, as I do, that God is in intimate sovereign control over all influences, and will, through the power in the blood of Christ’s cross, transform all negative consequences into a glorious positive, for His own glory, and for the blessing of everyone He has created, firstly because He loves us all; and secondly because His grace is powerful enough to successfully get the job done.

God imposes accountability on each one of us. In doing this God is more than just “just, for He takes full responsibility for teaching us what He wants us to learn as He fits every one of us in a positive way into His master plan that He is working out during these temporary ages of time.

At the consummation of the ages there will be complete harmony throughout all of creation, which to me, is the meaning of the scripture that God is going to become “All in all”.

It is wrong to argue that if universalism is true, then we don’t need a saviour. Just the opposite is true. Universalism is true because Christ is a totally effective Saviour, and is well able to meet everyone on the level of their deepest need, which is, the need to have a willing heart to embrace God’s will.

Let us all relax in the arms of a totally triumphant Saviour, Who is well able to convince everyone that His love is worth responding to. That’s what I’m doing. Why not join me?