Calvanism is a cruel and unloving profanity.

Arminianism is a proud and self -righteous profanity

. Calvanism is cruel and unloving because it claims that God allows beings to come into existence that deserve to suffer endlessly, and will suffer endlessly, except for a few that God will rescue from such a fate by His irresistible grace.

Arminianism is proud and self-righteous because it claims that only those who receive the proper information, and act on it properly before they die, will avoid suffering endlessly. They claim that God is unable to successfully influence anyone’s will, unless they let Him.

The Calvanist’s god allows millions of beings to come into existence and either can not, or will not, do anything to stop them from suffering forever.

The Arminian’s god lets us down just when we need Him the most. Our greatest need is a change in our stubborn will. The Arminian god either cannot, or will not meet us, on this, the level of our greatest need.

A profanity is an idea conceived by our sinful hearts. Both Calvinism and Arminianism are profanities. Against the black background of these profanities God will paint the glorious masterpiece of Universal Transformation.

The truth of Universal Transformation solves all the irreconcilable differences between Calvanism and Arminianism. It recognizes that our “free will” is the freedom to choose only in the direction of the strongest influence, and that God is in intimate sovereign control over all influences.

Each person is being fitted into God’s master-plan in God’s own special way for them. Each person responds to their own unique set of “strongest influences.” And ultimately, when the time period of the ages has ended, God will have transformed the consequences of everyone’s choices into something glorifying to Himself, and beneficial to the chooser.

It is unavoidable that how we think about God will affect our state of being. We tend to become like the god we worship. The one who puts their faith in Calvanism, tends to become cruel and unloving. The one who puts their faith in Arminianism, tends to become proud and self-righteous. If a Calvanist is not cruel and unloving, or, if an Arminian is not proud and self-righteous, it is entirely due to the intervention of God’s undefeatable grace. God often operates through people in spite of what they believe.

God’s grace can only be resisted if God wants to teach us lessons that could be learned no other way. But ultimately, God’s grace is undefeatable.

Both Calvanism and Arminianism are built upon the false foundation of “endless hell”. When this foundation has been replaced, the differences between them become irrelevant.

The profanity of the doctrine of “endless suffering in hell” is also part of the black background upon which God will paint His glorious masterpiece. Without fail, God will, in due time, transform all deceptions, delusions, and false doctrines, into something better that they temporarily prevailed than if they had not. And He will do this for everyone, without exception.