Ray Prinzing is my hero.

During my twelve year nervous breakdown caused by my inability to emotionally cope with the idea that God lets any creature suffer forever in hell, every morning, as I washed my family’s dishes, I would listen to one of Ray Prinzing’s many tapes.

I have listened to 178 of them several times, and 24 of them many times.

In addition to these tapes, I always read every issue of his periodical GOSPEL ECHOES which he later renamed LETTERS OF TRUTH and gleaned many pages of his writings into my personal journal.

Many people have a hero, someone in their life that made a contribution to their welfare so significant that it is far above the influence that anyone else has had. Ray Prinzing is that hero to me.

For several years my 90 year old dad has called me from his nursing home shortly after 6PM. Each time he calls I read a portion of my over four thousand page journal to him, and many of these readings are the gleanings I wrote from Ray Prinzing’s writings and tapes. Most nights my dad falls asleep listening to one of Ray’s tapes.

As I listened to Ray’s tapes during my nervous breakdown (1966-78) I gradually became more and more sure that I was going to recover. The contents of his tapes gave me the courage, in 1978, to take a public stand that I believe the Bible teaches universal transformation, not endless suffering in hell, or even annihilation.

My panic attacks completely stopped.

And now I spend most of my spare time offering people, in various ways, the information that helped me recover and helps me stayed recovered.

Through the years many other writers and speakers have contributed to my ability to stay recovered. I would like to list some of them here, more or less in the order that they have been a help to me.


J. Preston Eby, author of many booklets and a periodical called KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES


Tony Nungesser, co-worker with Dean Hough at S.O.A.F.

A.E. Knoch, Raymond Van Dyke, George Hawtin and Charles Anderson (both Canadian), John Essex, Donald Hayter, William Mealand (all from England)

Also, the current issues and many back issues of UNSEARCHABLE RICHES magazine (started in 1909) from the CONCORDANT PUBLISHING CONCERN, and the GRACE AND TRUTH magazine from England have both been a great help to me.

In addition to Ray Prinzing’s tapes and writings there is one particular book and one particular set of tapes that have been most influential on my life.

The book is A.E. Knoch’s ALL IN ALL. In spite of cult-buster Don Huey’s attempts to discredit it (which have been refuted by Dean Hough) ALL IN ALL remains, in my opinion, the best of all the many books in support of the Bible teaching universal transformation.

The tapes are a set of eight 90 minute cassettes called HUMAN CHOICE AND THE DEITY OF GOD by James Coram. I have listened to this set of tapes several dozens of times and consider my knowledge of their content to be priceless.

Both ALL IN ALL and the HUMAN CHOICE tapes can be purchased online at

http://www.concordant.org/ then click on order blank.

Ray and Doris Prinzing are now retired, but their influence is so wide spread that they will not be forgotten on this earth for many, many years, if ever. And that’s a very good thing!